Our History & Experience

We have great experience with Agriculture Field, Coal, Fruit & Vegetables Since 2018.

Before 2018 we have great History of Trading, Import and Export business with high Profiled Companies Including USA, UAE, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN.

Coal Projects

Currently, we have going on project of Coal Import/Export from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Already we have Supplied more then 50000+ tons of Coal which include great companies such as Lucky Cement, Bestway Cement, Fauji Cement furthermore, we have friendly Partnership with multiple Factories Located in Faisalabad 

Agriculture History

We Got huge Experience in Agriculture Field which include Tunnel Forming, Plowing, Tillage, Cropping, Installation of best management practices, seeding, Cultivating and Harvesting for production of Fruits and Vegetable. 

Our Agriculture history Started from Quetta city of Pakistan where we brought and Installed Tunnel forming  with advanced technology for the first time in history of Quetta. Before us these advanced Technology were not used in Quetta for the first time Safa Agri Tech Initiated the Step in it.

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